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A few weeks back , I was listening to the radio in the car.   I have no idea what the program was or even the subject, but wrote down “Romans 12” on the note pad in my car.  A couple days ago, I finally decided to read that passage.  I thought the subject of the message would come back to me.  It did not.  However, I got a personal message for me as I read.

As I read through Romans 12 and 13, it spoke to me that we waste so much time trying to do things ourselves.  That’s why we stay “busy”!  In the Christian life, it’s not supposed to be that way!  Basically, we need to spend more time doing God’s will as he gives up strength, ability and time.  We are all parts of a body.  We don’t need to accomplish the entire Great Commission ourselves!  Lean on God and work with others.

We need to stop wasting time on fleshly pursuits and get our minds right.  He gives us all 24 hours in a day.  We need to seek his will for each of them.  We have to be ok if his will for this hour is reading books or playing pirates even though there is a mountain of laundry.  Sometimes his will is to make dinner for a neighbor when you barely have time or groceries for your own family.  Sometimes it is his will NOT to take on that noble deed at this hour.

God has  a time for everything.  His timing is perfect.  Why do we try to create our own schedule and plan without consulting God first.  Jesus said his yoke is easy and his burden is light.  How does your burden feel?

I challenge you to ready Romans 12 and 13 today.  Le me know what inisghts God gives you.

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  1. jsprik says:

    so true, so true. “busy” about God’s work isn’t always the best thing!! great truth here!! thanx!

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