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Every once in a while, I take a look at some of my personal and our family habits and routines to kind of take inventory.  My goal is to see how we are spending our time and sometimes money and determine if the means really meet the end.  Sometimes, I find that there is something on our schedule that worked really well for us in the past as simply run its course and it’s time to stop that particular event or routine, at least for a while.  Other times, examining our schedule makes me realize what a blessing some habits are.

This weekend, I looked at  Menu Plan Monday.  (If you are new to Overcoming Busy, Menu Plan Monday is a weekly feature hosted by a Laura at I’m an Organizing Junkie.  Anyone can post their family’s weekly plan for meals on their own blog and then link up to a master list of participants on Laura’s site.  This allows people to search a huge list of meal plans.)  I asked myself “Why do I participate?”  A simple question, yet important.  I wanted to see if this habits was still worth my time.  I came up with these answers.

1.       My week goes so much better with I make a meal plan.  My trips to the grocery store without a list of our meals and ingredients would be twice and long and cost me twice as much.  After all that stress, I’d still be in front of the fridge at 5:30 praying for a miracle meal to appear.

2.       Menu Plan Monday (MPM) keeps me accountable.  If I know I have committed to post my menu plan, I will make a menu plan.

3.       MPM is a great way to find new recipes and meal ideas from other bloggers.  I love cookbooks and online recipe sites.  I love it more when someone tells me personally that their family likes this recipe or that recipe.  MPM is like having personal reccommendations for your family’s meals!

4.       MPM is a great way to find out about new blogs.  Each week, I choose a couple new blogs I have never visited that are on the MPM list on I’m An Organizing Junkie.  I have discovered some great food and some great blogs that way.

5.       MPM is a great way for others to find my blog.

As you can see, my answers to “Why do I participate?” are all positive.  Looks like I’ll continue this practice.  Not everything I take inventory of gets such high marks.  I’ll blog about that later.  Is there any habit or routine in your household that you need to take inventory of?  And, keeping with the Monday theme?  What’s for dinner this week?

Here’s my menu (in no particular order):

  • Quiche (Beet greens and bacon)
  • Homemade chicken and noodles
  • Burgers on the grill
  • Grilled fajita pork steaks and santa fe rice
  • Spanish rice (never made it last week)
  • Leftovers

Need more ideas?  Check out Menu Plan Monday at I’m An Organizing Junkie.

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  1. Org Junkie says:

    That’s such a great practice that I think most people neglect to do. So glad MPM is staying on your list!!

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