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photo by Cynthia Marie Photography

Only 2 days til Christmas!  Is your shopping done?  Are your presents wrapped?  Got batteries for the camera?  Most importantly, are you and your family enjoying the Christmas season?  Are you slowing down enough to make memories?  Have you grasped the reason for the season?  Or, have you just been barreling through December just trying to get everything done and merely survive?!

If you have been less than successful in creating family memories, don’t worry.  You still have time.  Stop and think of a favorite family tradition from the past, maybe from when you were growing up.  Try to incorporate that into the next few days.  Make it fun.  Make it memorable.  Remember those warm Christmas memories you have from your childhood?  You are now in charge to giving those same memories to your children!!  These memories are much more important than the presents at Christmas, and usually much cheaper!!  However, these are the things that can get pushed aside in the all the hustle and bustle.

If you are having trouble thinking of any fun Christmas traditions that your family would enjoy, here are some from our family.

1)       Cookie baking.

photo by dano

photo by dano

The kids and I love to bake cookies together.  They each have little aprons (Hobby Lobby $1.99) they love to wear.  They are in charge of measuring, mixing and scooping.  We have the Christmas music going in the background.  The cookies don’t have to be fancy. It’s the memory, not the cookie that we are really concerned with here!  Although the cookies are a nice bonus!

2)      Christmas lights.

photo by terren

photo by terren

We took off last night after dinner and drove through some neighborhoods and admired all the houses decorated with lights.  When we got back, we had a snack together.  It was a fun, simple evening with the family.  I remember doing the same thing with my family growing up.  It’s always been a favorite of mine.

3)      Decorating the house. This is an event for the kids and I.  My husband sets up the tree and then gets out of the way.  The whole time we are decorating the tree, we talk about the ornaments and their significance (a star, an angel, a cross) and how all these pretty things are just decorations for Jesus’ birthday.  The kids are much more into it when they realize they are decorating for a month long party!

4)      Christmas books. We can finally pull out those Christmas story books that have been on the shelves all year long.  Each night at bedtime, we choose a different Christmas story to read.

5)      Christmas crafts. We love crafts.  But, generally the crafts get made and thrown away just as quickly.  Christmas crafts are different.  The kids seem to take their time making them.  They are a bit sparklier, a bit fancier, a bit more décor-like.   This year, we made Christmas trees out of felt and sequins and hung them from at gold ribbon on the window.  We made ornaments out of old Christmas cards for a tree at church.  At Michaels, we picked up a couple foam gingerbread house kits for 50% off.  Those were lots of fun for the kids.  We displayed them in our dinette window.

There are so many ways to make Christmas special and memorable.  What traditions do you have? What ones could you start?


I am linking up to Wonder Woman Wannabe’s Christmas Traditions Share-a-Thon.  Check it out for more Christmas tradition ideas!

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  1. I spent today making frosted/decorated sugar cookies with a good friend and the kids. It was so fun and festive and gave me time with a friend I don’t get to see on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

    I want to make this a new Christmas Eve Eve tradition.

  2. Annie says:

    I love these ideas. My oldest is 3 1/2, so we’re just kind of setting up our own traditions. We love reading aloud, and I really like the Christmas books idea. This year I had a “Christmas Decorating Party” which basically meant I cannoodled my friends into helping me decorate in exchange for food… It was a lot of fun, though. As the kids get a bit older, we’ll probably switch to a special decorating time for family.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thanks for all the wisdom you share here.

  3. I feel the same way about traditions…I can’t remember each and every Christmas gift I ever received, but I do remember what we DID together every year. I hope my children have those same precious memories as well!

    I hope you had a VERY Merry Christmas!

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