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Last weekend, I was going through some old notebooks.  I have lots of them full of notes from books, radio programs, business conferences, retreats and random thoughts from the last 6 or 7 years!  In a notebook from 2007, I found notes that I took while reading “I Dare You” by Joyce Meyer.  Here is a quote that really caught my eye.

“The devil is a theif and one of the things he thoroughly enjoys is stealing our time.”

Joyce is the one who inspired me to start this quest to overcome busy years ago with a cassette (yes, cassette!! I told you this was years ago!) of hers titled “Are you busy or fruitful?”  I found it interesting that she included those thoughts in the “I Dare You” book as well.  It just goes to show that busyness can interfere in many areas of life.

Busy steals our time

Joyce makes a point that busy is a tool that Satan uses to get us off track and to steal our time.  There is a Corrie Ten Boom quote I like.  “If Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.” Sometimes, it doesn’t take blantant sin to rob us of what God has for us.  Sometimes we miss it because we fill our lives with worthless stuff – busyness.

Busy steals our freedom

When busyness gets a hold of us, it can put us into bondage.  Christ came so that we can be free from bondage, so why would we want to put ourselves in that position?   Instead of living in His peace, busyness causes us to live in chaos and stress.  Another quote from “I Dare You” is, “If you don’t learn to follow your heart and the Spirit of God, you will always live under pressure.” How can we follow God and the desires he puts in our hearts, if we are too busy?

Don’t let Satan steal what God has for you!  Make a conscious effort to overcome busy!

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  1. good stuff, marci!

    love that Corrie Ten Boom quote –


  2. Catherine says:

    You always seem to put me back on track. Overcoming busy means getting back to my quiet times, getting my house cleaning back in line (one step at a time), and saying no to things for which I have neither the time or money. It means living deliberately. This summer, I’ve allowed busyness to put me into a centrifuge – and now my emotions are awry. The devil wins. Back to basics! Thx for the inspiration.

  3. I think busyness is one of the devil’s greatest tactics. He doesn’t have to convince us to do these grand, terrible things, just keep us preoccupied. It works very well for him. When we are preoccupied with many things, we don’t take the time to notice what it truly important. Being busy can rob us of valuable things.

    I’m so glad you started this blog! It is so good to keep this in the forefront of our mind.

  4. Marilyn says:

    Thanks for putting your thoughts on busyness on the net Marci. Makes good common sense. Blessing for you.

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