Planning – Too Little Or Too Much?

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Here I am. Sunday night. This is when I game plan for the week ahead.  I am planning my family’s meals, my family calendar, homeschool and making my to-do list.  I live by the quote “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  To me, letting my life get too busy is failing.  If I am too busy, I will miss what is important in life.  That reminds me of the contradictory quote “Life is what happens while we are busy making plans.”  I love that one too.  There is great truth to both of those quotes.  You might ask, “Which is the right one to live by?”  My answer is “both”.

You Have To Have A Plan

One of my main goals is to have a peaceful home.  Our home cannot be peaceful if there is chaos.  If I don’t pay careful attention to our schedule and appointments and needs of the family, our home will slip into chaos quickly.   Appointments may overlap or get forgotten.  Time would be wasted and the quality of education would suffer trying to plan school on the fly.   The family would get grumpy with no food on the table.   My job is to make sure everyone goes where they need to go, does what they need to do and gets what they need to get.  Without a plan, that is impossible.  Period.  Our lives would be overcome by busy.

Don’t Over-Plan

On the other hand, if I over-plan – if my all my time and energy is spent planning and all my time is tied up in a plan – I have missed the whole reason for planning in the first place.  Planning is supposed to make life simpler and more efficient.  It’s not supposed to be our lives.  Yes, I enjoy planning.  Why?  Because it is the means to an end.  Planning lets me take care of my responsibilities efficiently so that I can get on with the reason I enjoy life – my family.

So, here I am.  Planning for a peaceful home and an un-busy week.  How do you plan for your week?  Do you plan too little or too much?

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  1. Amy says:

    It seems that I am always making a plan. Today I need to get some things done with that plan. 🙂

  2. I too often spend more time planning than I do actually accomplishing the plans. I love to plan but don’t often enjoy the actual living out of said plans. I need plans to keep me focused, but finding the balance between planning and living is critical for my productivity. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Ginger says:

    Okay, so I am one of those who tends to over schedule in a sense that I worry about the details too much, then there are other times when I don’t worry about it enough. This is a good post Marci.

  5. I think you wrote this with me in mind! ha! Thank you- great reminder.

  6. abbie says:

    I so over plan. Franklin Covey encourages me to each day. 🙂 But I’ve learned to let things slip, keep track, and do what I love first because I get very antsy when I haven’t had the time to do “my stuff.”

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