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It’s back to school time! And back to lunch planning. During the summer months, lunch is pretty much a free for all around here. Leftovers, sandwiches, whatever you can find. When you are in the midst of the lazy days of summer, that is fine, but now, we are entering back into the structured days of school. We need a plan.

Whether you homeschool or traditional school, planning lunches will remove part of the busy from your day. Here are some tips to help save your lunchtime sanity.

Plan Ahead

Get your kids involved in planning lunches. Have them each make a list of foods they would like for lunch. Encourage them to be creative. Mention meats, fruits, veggies, cheese, breads and treats. After they have made their lists. Go over it with them.


If your kids’ list contains mostly sweets and junk, compromise. Instead of giving the healthy food lecture, find several healthy choices on their list and add a sweet as a treat. That way, you all get what you want.

Make a Weekly Menu

Each Sunday night, write out your lunch menu and post it where the kids can see it. That way, there will be no surprises.

Be Creative

Even favorites tend to get boring after a while. Jazz up the same old with creativity. My kids love cheese, so instead of serving the same kind over and over, I search out new cheeses and cut them up in different shapes. Instead of having the same ham and cheese sandwich, make it into a wrap or roll the ham and cheese together and forget the bread altogether. Serve dips with the fruits or veggies. There are tons of ways you can make lunches a little more interesting.

Change Things Up

Just to make sure you don’t get into a rut, ask your kids periodically if they would like to change their lunch lists. My kids like to add and delete foods throughout the year. Don’t be afraid to suggest new foods. You never know when they will be willing to add some variety.

Do you have  a back to school lunch plan? Check out my lunch idea Pinterest board for more inspiration! 


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  1. Jean says:

    I know we really ended up in a lunch rut toward the end of the school year last year so even though we’re only 3 days in to school this year, I’m already looking for ideas to keep things interesting. I really like the idea of a weekly lunch menu written where the kids can see it. I’ll have to remember that!

  2. Great post!!! I think I’ll be using this…even though my kids are not in school yet. When DH works 2nd shift and I only need to cook for the kids and me, there isn’t always a lot of incentive. 🙂 Thanks for linking up with Mommy Teaches Friday Blog Hop. I hope you’ll come back and link up again.

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