Tin Can Map Craft

February 13, 2013 by

tin can map craft


My son and I had fun at a local art studio who opens up two afternoons a week to kids called The Art Garage. Today’s project was using tin cans to create art.

My son is interested in maps right now (we are studying the states and using a lot of them). He cut a strip from a map containing Alaska, Canada and a bit of Russia (he’s all about Alaska and the arctic these days) and glued it to a tin can. He added a bit of jute to the top to make it a bit more rustic and manly. The clothes pin is just to hold the jute while it dries. A great craft for a boy. It really shows his personality. He says he’ll use it to store his pencils, pens and scissors since sharing with his sister is not big on his list lately.

This would be a great project for a geography study. Wrap the can in a portion of that state our country’s map and fill it with items representing that part of the world.

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