DIY Shaded Glass Lantern

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DIY Glass Lanterns

Create your own DIY glass candleholders using dollar store glass cylinders, tissue paper and modge podge.

circle glass lantern

This one was created by cutting the tissue paper with a large circle hole punch.

 gradient glass lantern

This candleholder was created by cutting strips of tissue paper in various colors.

 To create your own DIY glass candleholder:

  • Apply a thin layer of modge podge over the area of the glass you are going to be working on in the next few seconds. Arrange the circles whatever pattern you want on the modge podge covered glass.
  • When you are finished applying the tissue paper, let it dry. This should only take 2o minutes or so, if that.
  • When dry, apply a final layer of modge podge to the entire project.
  • Since modge podge is water soluble. You might want to cover with a thin layer of varnish to make it waterproof.
  • Add a traditional or flameless candle (We are loving the flameless version. No worry about fire and no mess!)


  • The secret to cutting the paper and not tearing it is to stack the tissue paper 6-8 layers deep and cutting many at a time.
  • Use thin layers of modge podge. This will help keep the tissue paper from getting wrinkled. However, you might want a more textured look. Then, by all means, play around with more modge podge.
  • Play with different layers of tissue papers for varying effects when the candle light shines through.

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  1. Mai Bateson says:

    Wow, this is a great idea especially if you want to chill outdoor with your hubby! A fine wine and with this awesome lantern, for sure it will make a romantic effect! Thanks Marci 😉

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