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March 4, 2013 by

resurrection garden

We’ve been feeling crafty around here lately. (See the Tin Can Map Craft  and the DIY Shaded Glass Lantern) Since we are in the crafting groove and Easter is just a few weeks away, we are breaking out the Resurrection Garden project again. The kids had a great time doing this last year and we are all looking forward to making it again.


Our kids love creative projects, so I am always on the look-out for something new for them. I have been looking specifically for an Easter craft project for the past couple weeks – one that is not so much bunnies and eggs and more Christ and his resurrection. When I saw THIS at We Are That Family, I knew it was the perfect project for us!  Here is our version.

Place a small terra cotta pot on its side on a larger terra cotta saucer. Cover the small pot and half the saucer with potting soil.

Fill the empty half of the saucer with stones.

Glue sticks together to form 3 crosses and place them in the soil. Find a larger stone to partially cover the small pot. Sprinkle grass seed over the potting soil. (We got grass seed from a kind neighbor who only had seed with fertilizer, hence the green stuff on the soil.) Spray the grass seed gently with water over the next few days and the grass with start to sprout.

Now, the “Resurrection Garden” is complete. Three crosses on the Hill of Golgotha. The stone rolled away from the empty tomb. The sprouts of grass – new life.

Happy Easter!


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  1. Mai Bateson says:

    Really a great idea, Marci! I love the concept of a larger stone to partially cover the small pot. Also the grass that sprouts, PERFECT! 🙂 Good job! Happy Easter!!!

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