5 Overcoming Busy Tips For Mom

October 4, 2013 by

overcoming busy tips for moms

Mom’s are busy. It’s just part of the deal. We probably can’t totally remove busy from our lives a midst housework, work, kids activities and other commitments. But, we can use some strategies to keep busy to a minimum.

Have a good morning routine. The beginning of your say can make all the difference. Create a morning routine to set yourself up to succeed.

Meal Plan. Nothing panics mom out like the words “What’s for dinner?” No need to panic when you have a plan!

Have kids help with the housework. Make sure those kids have a chore list and make sure they get them done. This instills responsibility in them and sanity in mom!

Lose the perfectionism. You are not perfect. Your family is not perfect. Your friends are not perfect. Your house doesn’t have to look perfect. Every situation doesn’t have to turn out just like you planned. It’s life. Roll with it. Accept life as it is. You can’t control other people. The only things you can control are your actions and your attitude.

Learn to say “No”. Since  you can control your actions. Choose them wisely. If an activity doesn’t line up with  your family’s priorities or will cause chaos in your life, just say no – even if it is a “good thing”. Your life is probably full of good things. Too much of a good thing is still too much.

What tips do you have for keeping the busy in your life to a minimum?


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