Is Your Online Time Wasted Time?

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Is your online time wasted time? -OvercomingBusy.comMy morning routine is the same each morning. Get up, shower, hair, make-up, get dressed, throw in a load of laundry, brew coffee, make breakfast, grab my coffee cup and sit in front of my laptop for the next hour until the kids wake up.

Yep. An hour at the laptop. At least.

Over the past couple years, I have heard moms online lamenting their time wasted online. We’ve all been there. You take a minute to check facebook and 45 minutes later you are still there, or checking the weather forecast leads to checking email which leads to rabbit trailing all morning. Or, God forbid, you should get on Pinterest! That’s a weekend away right there!

I’m going to open a can of worms here and say, your time online might not be wasted time.

OK. There are times when you probably need to step away and clean your house or feed your children. I’m not saying all time online is productive. I’m saying that in this day and age, online time is a great tool for moms and just part of our lives.

A Social Outlet

It wasn’t long ago, I would hear young moms talk about how they had been trapped inside with little ones for weeks on end without any adult interaction. They felt stressed and alone. They needed encouragement and adult conversation. These days, moms jump online. They go to Facebook, email, blogs, forums and the like to chat with their friends, share information and just interact with someone who doesn’t need their diaper changed.

The internet can be a saving grace and life line to those moms who might otherwise feel trapped and alone.

The Morning Paper

Remember when our parents read the morning paper at breakfast? They caught up on the news and what was going on in the area. They were informed. Kind of. They were informed about what the paper decided to print.

Now, the internet serves as our morning paper. We can read news and information from millions of sources of our choosing. Each morning, I grab my coffee and search my favorite news sites and blogs for what interests me and what I choose to be informed about. In this day and age, we can’t afford to not be informed.


Email and social media has made it so easy to communicate with others. From teachers to friends to doctors, everyone uses online communication as a time saving tool. It does take time each day to read and respond, but just think of how much time it would take to call, write or visit each one of those people. Internet communication can save time.


Part of my time online is searching for inspiration. I might be looking for a new recipe, a new hairstyle, a fun activity for the kids, or how to organize my pantry. We need to be inspired. It helps to renew our spirits and be productive.

I don’t mind spending a small part of my day being inspired.

How are you spending your online time?

Are  you spending hours facebook stalking? Rabbit trailing all morning? Or are you learning, socializing and being inspired?

Do you think your online time is wasted time?





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