Setting High Standards For Our Kids

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Setting High Standards For Our Kids

My husband takes my daughter to the ice rink for figure skating practice at 6 am and I am there to pick her up when she gets off the ice at 8:30 am. Figure skating is her love. We never have to push her to go to the rink. She wants to go. She loves to compete and has high goals set for herself this year. She pushes herself.

This morning, I got to the rink about 8 to watch the end of her practice. That time of the day is usually a slow time on the ice with only a few girls and coaches on the ice, so I can really see her skate. Today, everyone got off the ice at 8 am leaving her alone on the ice. I watched as she practiced new moves that I never remember the names of. (Loops, spirals, edges, some sort of footwork patterns. I’m not a skater! )

After a few minutes, she motioned for me to come to the rink door. “Can I get off the ice now? I only have 15 minutes left. I’ve been on the ice since 6:30. I’ve practiced everything and I’m just don’t feel like going over anything else again.”

A part of me thought, “No problem. She practices a lot. It’s ok to cut practice short a couple minutes. She’s probably tired and hungry.”

Then, the competitor and the coach came out in me. I thought of the goals she had set. I looked her in the eye.

“Champions are made when they don’t feel like it. Anyone can practice when it feels good. Do you want to reach your goals or do you want to skate laps at the public skates on the weekends? It’s up to you. You can get off the ice or you can finish the practice time.”

I felt a little corny, like I had watched too many sports movies. She smiled. I was relieved. She skated the rest of her session and did a great job.

Kids know when the standards are high. They can even set them high for themselves. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t try and settle for less. We all do it. We just need to be reminded of what we are working toward and for.

This morning reminded me that, in our family, we just don’t have high standards in figure skating. We have high standards in most areas of life, but to tell the truth, we might have let things slack a bit in some areas. It takes dedication and perseverance to reach goals and live life above the fray, but it is worth it. Remember that. Don’t settle.

Have you set high standards in your family? How do you keep on track?

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  1. I love this Marci! So true and a great reminder. I love it when you write! : )

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