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Welcome to Overcomingbusy.com! My name is Marci. I’m a wife, a mama, a homeschool teacher, and blogger. You can usually find me at the local ice rink with my figure skating daughter and/or my hockey playing son. I’ll be at the table in the corner wearing 7 layers of clothes typing on my laptop.

My superpowers are figuring a way to make a science lesson out of anything, fastening goalie pads, and keeping our family clean (relatively…I have a 9 year old boy), fed, and educated.

When I started Overcoming Busy, I had a toddler and a first grader. I really had no idea what busy was, but I could see it on the horizon. I watched friends’ schedules fill and their live become a frenzy of activity. My journey into Overcoming Busy was to help those friends get the busy out of their lives.

Now that we are waist deep into this busy life, I see things differently.

We live in a “busy” world.  There are more opportunities available to us than any other time in history. That is actually pretty awesome if you think about it. I love our busy life! Most of the time.

The problem comes in when those opportunities become expectations. Some people see it as a badge of honor to have an overflowing schedule, to take part in each and every opportunity, and to be seen rushing from event to event. This can make the rest of us feel we are missing out or not living up to what is expected of us, and then we get sucked in.

We begin to overwhelm ourselves with the busyness of life. It doesn’t take long to realize that all those opportunities may be great, but too much of a good thing is still too much. Those things that fill our schedule can really weigh us down and keep us from the really great things in life.

These days, I’m no longer on a quest to get the “busy” out of my life.  I’m just trying to keep my busy life from being overwhelming and distracting me from the important things in life. My goal is to share tips and ideas here at Overcoming Busy so that you can manage your busy life, too.

Life is just too short to waste on stuff that just doesn’t matter!

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