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My whole reason for starting this blog was to help us all get the busy out of our lives so we can spend time on the important stuff. We all have things/activities/attitudes/thoughts in our lives that seem dominate us. They take a great deal of our time and energy, but in reality they are unnecessary. They just make us busy. Most posts here at Overcoming Busy are about meal planning, organization, time management, setting priorities, tips and tricks – all tools to get rid of the busy. If we get rid of the busyness in our lives, we should have time for what matters most to us.

Busy is defeated…..now what?

Now, let’s say, you get rid of the busy- at lease for the time being. Your priorities are in order. Your schedule is manageable. You now have time to spend on the important stuff. But wait! What is the important stuff? What matters most to us? Is it our kids, our husbands, our relationship with God, our church, our job, our hobbies? It could be any of those or many of those. They can all be lots more fun and rewarding than all that junk that kept us so busy. How can we make the most of our new found time? How can we fully enjoy the important stuff?

The truth is that I don’t write about that much here at Overcoming Busy. Not sure why. That fact just hit me recently. As I thought about how to address this or what to include, I realized I needed help addressing this. I wanted to know what mattered most to others. So, I asked some of my best blogging friends to share What Matters Most throughout the month of June.

Check us out all month long for great ideas for spending time on What Matters Most. You can grab a button for your blog and share What Matters Most on our link up on June 30th.

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